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Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev: Saturday 18th June 2015

The Nanakshahi calendar is used only by Sikhs.It was created by Pal Singh Purewal to establish fixed dates for observing important Sikh commemorative events related to the history of the Sikh gurus which took place in ancient Punjab (North India) 

 guru-purnima-640x480-.jpg Guru Poornima : Friday 31 July 2015

The full moon day in the Hindu month of Ashad is observed as the auspicious day of Guru Purnima,a day sacred to the memory of the great sage Vyasa. All Hindus are indebted to this ancient saint who edited the four Vedas, wrote the 18 Puranas,the Mahabharata and the Srimad Bhagavata.Vyasa even taught Dattatreya,who is regarded as the Guru of Gurus.  


Ramadan Begins : Thursday 18 June 2015

Ramadan (also known as Ramadhan or Ramzan) is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar.It is a time when Muslims around the world focus on prayer,fasting,giving to charity and religious devotion. The last third of Ramadan is a particularly holy period, as it commemorates when the Koran's (Qu'ran) first verses were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (Mohammad or Muhammed. 


Naag Panchami : Wednesday 19 August 2015

Nag Panchami is one of the most sacred Indian festivals celebrated by Hindus to pay respect to the snake deities mentioned in the ancient Hindu Vedas and Puranas (sacred Hindu scriptures). 


Rakhi /Raksha Bandhan : Saturday 29 August 2015

Rakhi is basically a sacred thread of protection embellished with the love and affection of a sister for her brother.This day is also known as Raksha Bandhan.  


Krishna Janmashtami : Saturday 5 September 2015

Janmashtami also known as Gokulashtami marks the celebration of the birth of Lord Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna was born in the 'Rohini' nakshatram (star) to King Vasudeva and Devaki Devi on the eighth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Sravana. 


Id-Ul-Fitr, Ramadan Ends : Saturday 18 July 2015

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims observe a strict fast and participate in pious activities such as charitable giving and peace-making. It is a time of intense spiritual renewal for those who observe it. At the end of Ramadan, Muslims throughout the world observe a joyous three-day celebration called Eid al-Fitr (the Festival of Fast-Breaking) 


Ganesh Chaturathi : Thursday 17 September 2015

Ganesha Chaturthi, the great Ganesha festival, also known as 'Vinayak Chaturthi' or 'Vinayaka Chavithi' is celebrated by Hindus around the world as the birthday of Lord Ganesha 


Navaratra Begins : Tuesday 13 October 2015

 Navaratra Finishs : Thursday 22 October 2015

"Nava-ratri" literally means "nine nights." This festival is observed twice a year, once in the beginning of summer and again at the onset of winter.


Gandhi Jayanti : Friday 02 October 2015

The birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, popularly known as the ‘Father of the Nation’,is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti with reverence all over the country.He was the man who played a significant role for achieving independence for India from the British Empire,with his simplicity and strong willpower! Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi,better known as 'Bapu', or Gandhiji,was born on the October 2nd 1869,in Porbander,Gujarat.


Dussehra : Thursday 22 October 2015

Dussehra is a popular festival celebrated by Hindus all over India, albeit with different names. It is also known as Vijayadashmi ('Vijay' meaning 'victory' and 'Dashmi meaning 'tenth day),as it is believed that it was on this day that Lord Rama killed the demon-king,Ravana and rescued his abducted wife \-Sita 


Karva Chauth : Saturday 11 October 2014

Karwa Chauth is a festival that provides an opportunity for all married women to get close to their in-laws. All married women observes fast that ensures the well-being, prosperity and longevity of their husbands. This Hindu festival has a cultural and social significance and all Indians celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm.  


Dhan Teras : Friday 1 November 2013

Dhanteras is spent in worshipping Lord Yama – the god of death – to provide prosperity and well being. It is also the day for celebrating wealth, as the word ‘Dhan’ literally means wealth and ‘Tera’ comes from the date 13th. People flock to the jewelers and buy gold or silver jewelry or utensils to venerate the occasion of Dhanteras.


Diwali : Wednesday 11 November 2015

Diwali is one of the biggest festival of Hindus, celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness in India. The festival is celebrated for five continuous days, where the third days is celebrated as the main Diwali festival or 'Festival of lights'.Different colorful varieties of fireworks are always associated with this festival. 


Govardhan Puja : Thursday 12 November 2015

The term "Govardhana' has two meanings. The word "Go' means cows, and "vardhana' means nourishment. In the other meaning "Go' stands for senses and "vardhana' means to increase the diversion of the senses towards Sri Krishna. Both these jobs are done by Sri Giriraja. He kindly blesses the devotee by increasing his devotion. Thus by residing in the foothills of Sri Giriraja, all the senses and their respective duties of a soul attain divinity and are inclined to serve the Lotus Feet of Krishna.  


Bhai Duj : Friday 13 November 2015

Bhai Dooj is one of the major festival of India, also spelt as Bhaidooj, Bhaiduj or Bhai Duj. The festival is celebrated between brothers and sisters to strengthen the bond of love they share. On this auspicious day, sisters put tilak on their brother's forehead and pray for their long life. In return, brothers pamper their sisters and promise them to stand by their side in all hardships of life. 


Eid-Ul-Adha : Wednesday 23 September 2015

Eid-Ul-Adha At the end of the Hajj (annual pilgrimage to Mecca), Muslims throughout the world celebrate the holiday of Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) 


Guru Nanak Jayanti : Thursday 10 November 2015

Guru Nanak Dev, the first Sikh guru and the founder of the Sikh religion, was born on the full moon day in the month of Kartik as per the Hindu calendar. Hence, his birthday is celebrated as Guru Nanak Jayanti 


Al-Hijira, Muharram Begins : Wednesday 14 October 2015

The Hijri New Year, also known as Islamic new year is the day that marks the beginning of a new Islamic calendar year, and is the day on which the year count is incremented. The first day of the year is observed on the first day of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic calendar.




Christmas : Friday 25 December 2015

Christmas is a yearly festival that makes merry the Jesus birth. Christmas celebrations usually come together the memorial of ’birth of Jesus with different traditions, many of which have been affected by previous winter celebrations.